Dedicated Server Hosting

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Hosting

UKUHost offers a wide choice of server solutions and are able to meet the most complex of requests, from local load balancing to global solutions.

We aim to provide the latest systems using Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Xeon processors, at affordable prices, providing greater scalability and reducing the need to upgrade. With this in mind that's why we don't offer Celeron solutions - after all, would you buy a Ford Anglia today?

IDE Dedicated Servers
Old faithful and the 'Ark' of hard disk drives.
more about IDE Servers

S-ATA Dedicated Servers
Next generation IDE and reportedly faster than SCSI U160.
more about S-ATA Servers

SCSI Dedicated Servers
Renowned for its performance. We can offer both 10K rpm and 15K rpm based solutions.
more about SCSI Servers

Load Balancing
Do you require local or global load balanced solutions?

Would your business benefit from clustering technology?

We can help you design the solution that meets your requirements.

Technical Support
Our team of technicians have extensive knowledge of our hardware and
operating systems and are here to serve you.
more about Technical Support

Server Management
Do you need a fully supported solution?
more about Server Management

Backup Solutions
What is the best approach to protecting your business?
more about Server Backup Solutions

Whatever your requirements are, we will provide sound practical advice.

Microsoft Licensed Service Provider
Through our Microsoft Service Providers Licence Agreement (SPLA) we can provide a wide range of Microsoft products including a fully functional remote office via terminal services on a monthly rental basis. Software licences can be scaled up and down each month, according to use. This significantly reduces your costs and time to market.
IDE Dedicated Servers
Operating System :

Windows 2003 Web Server or Linux

from 59 a month !

IDE Servers

*pay annually -
get 1 month FREE !

TO ORDER or ENQUIRE CALL US NOW on 0870 747 6550 - or click here and we'll call you !

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