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Reseller Hosting Package
Reseller Broadband

Reseller Broadband

UKUHost offers a very competitive choice of broadband services for our resellers to resell to end users. To qualify as a reseller you must have a reseller account or a dedicated server management gold account.

Broadband services will be provisioned primarily over Data Stream. If a local exchange has not been Data Stream enabled the services will be provisioned over IPStream.

Difference between Data Stream and IPStream
IPStream is fundamentally BT's Colossus network with Data Stream being provisioned by an independent carrier whose own equipment is located in the local exchange.

Contention Ratios
For ADSL broadband we currently offer 50:1 contention typically for the home user and 20:1 contention ideally suited for the business user.

Broadband Services
The follow table show the ADSL broadband services we can provide.

Contention Maximum Download speed Maximum Upload speed Monthly Download*
50:1 512kbps 256kbps unlimited
50:1 1024kbps 256kbps unlimited
20:1 512kbps 256kbps unlimited
20:1 1024kbps 256kbps unlimited
20:1 2048kbps 256kbps unlimited
*Subject to reasonable use

Static IP Addresses
A static IP address can be ordered with any ADSL broadband product. Additional IPs are available on request. Please be aware that if large quantities of IP addresses are required for a broadband service then this is subject to approval.

We do not impose any upload/download limitation on any service unless there is clear evidence that the services are being abused. Unlike some of our competitors for example, who cap monthly downloads to 1 gigabyte.

We do not include any hardware with any of the reseller packages. All services support termination to an ADSL broadband modem or modem/router. If you need guidance on which hardware to purchase please call UK Broadband Installation on 0871 288 1434.

Typically broadband services will be activated within 10 days from date of order. The services are activated at the Local BT exchange therefore no BT engineer will visit the end user unless there is a problem with the BT PSTN line.

All services are provided for a minimum of 3 months.

Details of our reseller ADSL / broadband charges can be found via the 'Price List' link in your Online Account.

TO ORDER or ENQUIRE CALL US NOW on 0870 747 6550 - or click here and we'll call you !

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